Attract Women Cheat Sheet, Episode 3: Mastering Your Social Anxiety Forever

In Attract Women Cheat Sheet episodes 1 and 2 we touched on what to say and how to say it when seeking to start a relationship with a new woman you just met.  Basically you say hi, you talk about yourself, and seek out similarities of experience after you have talked about your own. The key is to talk to beautiful women like you would any other friend. You want to be fun, playful, challenging and at ease, totally unconcerned about outcomes.  

Soooooo. You Say: “Great John, How Do I Not Care About the Outcome When She is SOOOOO Hot and I Do Actually Care About The Outcome?”

The reason I wanted to cover this topic of mastering social anxiety with hot women after Episode 1 and 2 is I think you know plenty about how to seduce a woman without it.

However, my goal with this attract women cheat sheet is to make your life easier and success both rapid and lasting. Basically I want to put this whole attract women thing to bed (ha, ha) now and forever, so you can have that unmatched powerful feeling of effortlessly bringing the women into your life you REALLY want. (I know you are probably worn out on the capitalized REALLY, but I think that concept is so vital. A man should follow his desires in a positive way in all things, but especially with attracting women)

How to Deal With That Social Anxiety Around Hot Women: Two Strategies That Can Reap Huge Rewards

Click Here For Simple Ideas to Ignite Your Naturally Attractive Confidence

Click Here For Simple Ideas to Ignite Your Naturally Attractive Confidence

We want to make it so you don’t need to logically tell yourself over and over to “try” to “act” like you don’t want her and  just talk like you do to your friends. For many men, especially ones that haven’t been getting much experience lately, the idea of logically knowing the right way and applying it is probably not going to work long-term.

Defeating Social Anxiety Forever Around Hot Women, Method 1–Acknowledge and Don’t Fight It

Dr. David Tian has an interesting take on the issue of nervousness around women we are attracted to. He runs a dating academy in Singapore called Aura which deals with the deeper psychology of attraction and energy transference for men. 

Dr. Tian recommends in his “Desire” home study course, to simply grow your understanding of why you have the emotions which led to nervousness in these situations. Then simply simply acknowledge to your target women that you are currently nervous if the feeling is killing your ability to communicate effectively.  It is his belief that this disarms the issue for the man, while creating attraction in the woman because she is in the midst of an authentic man rather one faking his behavior with techniques like “cocky-funny”.  

I have done what Dr. Tian suggests and I will tell you it does work as intended. Plus you will become less nervous the next time just by gaining the experience of interacting with a hot women.

Defeating Social Anxiety Forever Around Hot Women, Method 2–Rewire Your Socially Created Perception of Beauty

Rion Williams is fairly well known in dating coaching circles in the United States. His research and field testing has led him to conclude that men having any level of nervousness around women is unnatural and worse, destroying their natural attractiveness.  

He says our map of what is attractive and beautiful in women has been hijacked by social causality through advertisements, swimsuit magazines, and popular media portrayals like mainstream movies and also pornography. As we become emotionally attached to these socially derived concepts of beauty, our failure to attract women like the ones depicted in “sexploitive” ways (while still lusting for them) creates the nervousness around them in real life interactions.

It is a very interesting approach.  I will tell you that I love what he teaches and it works. I still use elements of it today in my everyday life to help alleviate nervousness and grow my understanding so I maintain power in my interactions.

It is true that there is a lot to the science behind what Mr. Williams teaches.  However there is not a lot to the solution Mr. Williams recommends.  Basically you want to eliminate or greatly reduce your exposure to conventional media that exploits glossy beauty for your attention in any way. This is especially true of pornography. Then replace that with depictions of women in their natural fun unspoiled state.

Take a break from online picture viewing of celebrities and pornography of any kind for 10 days and replace that time with resources recommended by Mr. Williams on his YouTube Channel.

You will notice a difference in your mood and a definite lessening of anxiety when talking to attractive women. Hopefully you should also notice that you are able to talk and communicate with authority and without fear of outcomes.  Try it and let me know what you think.


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